Precision Value horse racing service REVIEW

Precision Value horse racing service REVIEW

An astounding £190,327!
A horse racing selection service concentrating solely on UK horse racing and focusing on runners near the head of the market to ensure a robust win strike rate.
Proven, profitable selections delivered straight to your inbox in plenty of time to get your bets on.

WHO IS BEHIND Precision Value service?

Kieran Ward: "My betting education cost me 15 years and £50,000 in betting losses, terrible tipsters and hopelessly flawed betting systems."
He is a full time professional gambler, horse racing and betting blogger at Make Your Betting Pay.
He has been online running horse racing services for nearly 10 years.
He has built a reputation for honesty, fair play and integrity.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?This horse racing bet strategy 2019.

14 day trial for £7 +vat
Then a monthly subscription of £37 +vat

WHO WOULD this service SUIT?

This service is designed for members who can take a professional attitude to their betting and are able to devote a bit of time and care to getting their bets on.
You will need 4 points:
To be able to access your bookmakers accounts for around 15 minutes mid morning and again late afternoon.
To have (or be able to open) betting accounts with a good range of the bookmakers who appear on the Oddschecker website.
A starting betting bank of 150 points ñ i.e. take the amount of money you're setting aside, divide it by 150 and that will equal 1 point.
Like all services, this one can have losing runs and you will need to be able to deal with that and take a long term view.

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The truth is, to make consistent long term profits, you have to be consistently backing horses at a bigger price than their true chance of winning the race.
There are very few services out there that focus on both finding value and shorter priced selections.
You simply follow the detailed instructions in the email I send direct to your inbox.